Fashion Ads A Indicator?

In a recent MarketWatch article, the author takes a look at women's advertising trends and asks the question: do these trends tell us something about the next stock market crash or climb? Citing the prolific amount of advertisements in women's mags like Vogue, the author tries to find helpful information that might act as a signal of the economy, similar to the old trick of watching the length of women's hemlines (shorter meant we were turning more risky and a bull market was coming, longer meant we were turning more conservative and a bear market was coming). We found the article interesting, but also point out the obvious: if this author (of the male persuasion) had spent years reading women's mags like we have, he would have noticed that for as long as we can remember these mags have had about 10 pages of adverts for every one page of substance! a href="" class="twitter-share-button" data-count="none" data-via="sohoaccessories">Tweet

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