Stacy London's 5 Tips

Stacy London, fashion expert, author and host of TLC’s “What Not To Wear”, a reality show that features makeovers, has a relatively simple philosophy about fashion. Here are her 5 fashion tips from Stacy London.
1. "Fit is everything. I don't care what your body type is like: If you're not wearing clothes that fit you, you can't have style."

2. "Texture is something we forget — it makes outfits look very expensive. You can do a monochromatic outfit, if you're afraid of things that are more colorful and printed and still create interest." This season, London's enjoying mixing textures: tweed, brocade, lace and leather.

 3. "Pants are not girdles," London told a Third Place audience member wanting to know where to buy high-waisted pants. The most flattering rise for pants, London said, is two finger-widths below the navel.

4. If you're dressing on a budget, figure out what you can spend in a year, and break it down into quarters. (Month-by-month, London said, is discouraging on a budget, as it's generally a pretty small amount.) Use websites like, which lets you find favorite clothing lines on sale.

5. Trends, London said, are primarily for those in their 20s and early 30s. "After that, you translate them differently — participate, without going whole hog."


K said...

Love it! I'm trying to start steering away from trendy pieces (not that I was ever able to keep up anyway) and invest in classic shapes and styles.

SohoAccessories said...

Smart way to shop K ....stick to the classics