JCP-Fair and Square?

Sunday was a beautiful and what better way to spend the day then to go shopping with the girls.  Since we have been to every store known to man we decided to see what all the fuss has been concerning JCP.
The "fair and square" policy I was welcoming.  I always felt that stores should just give the lower price and stop with all the coupons and other nonsense.  How many times have you been to the cashier an have not had a coupon. Do you still pay full price? I know I do, because I probably loved the item.
Upon entering the store I was really surprised....the store was clean, and organized. No clothes on the floor or slung over the racks, which were generally so full that you couldn't squeeze your hand in to push the clothes on the rack.  Liz Clairborne, Nicole Miller,Mango and Bisou Bisou were all in their little areas. But it stops there. Just because it is designer doesn't guarantee quality.
JCPenney has showed a decline—down 13% from the previous year, according to consumer research firm. They stated 1.3 million women who may have stopped shopping JCPenney.  Is it because of no coupons or promotions?  Coupons may give you more incentive to head over to the store but do you really think you are getting a deal?
I say it is because of the disposable fashion. Clothing that is not made well with poor quality fabrics. Women want clothing that lasts and is comfortable to wear. Trendy fashions I can understand not wanting to spend mega bucks, but do we have to wear basic black pants that are made of PVC?
Just sayin !!!

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