A Hand Bag?

You know that you are jealous of all the "it girls" who happily carry their little pooches in their purses. Well, one enterprising ad agency wondered what does a gal do if her dog weighs way more than 9 pounds? Like Milo here, a 120-pound bull mastiff/standard poodle mix? Enter the “Big Dog Purse” billed as a “multi-functional way to carry your large dog around and look good doing it.” This handbag, (if you can call it that) holds even the colossal Milo with plenty of room to spare. It’s all part of the Carmichael Collective, a continuous project of creativity for creativity’s sake. “The Big Dog Purse is a one of one custom, high fashion canine accessory,” says Dave Damman, chief creative officer at Carmichael Lynch, the ad agency that sponsors the Collective. “We custom built the purse in our own studio. The fabric is 100% Australian vinyl hide. The dog, however, is totally real and will soon be available at retail outlets everywhere,” he adds with that tongue-in-chic irony that pervades the whole doggone project. (Some folks have all the fun at work, no?)Can you really call this a purse? Well you certainly wouldn't be able to walk down any street in a major city with this in tow.


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