Sleeveless a New Trend?

I think I have been noticing a trend.  Being an avid shopper I was finding in my neck of the woods, NYC, where the winters can be cold there are no long sleeve tops or sweaters. Going sleeveless is always sexy and chic, but during the winter months?
I noticed celebrities but sure they are in sunny Calif., even the hometown anchorwomen and weather forecasters and are going sleeveless.
 I know that women feel sexy and feminine when they go sleeveless, but when choosing a sleeveless outfit, be sure to select styles appropriate for your body type. If you have a fuller bust, opt for v-necklines when going sleeveless. Alternately, if you have a smaller chest, aim for a high neckline. Petite women can also benefit from a sleeveless turtleneck, which helps elongate their frames.
How do you feel about going sleeveless in the winter?


Jewel Divas Style said...

I don't think sleeveless is a new trend as there have always been dresses or tops without sleeves. I have sleeveless dresses and it's just another style of clothing.

SohoAccessories said...

But for the cold weather ?

Julie said...

With the sleeveless designs it means that you are able to draw attention to all the beautiful cuff bracelets that are around at the momment

SohoAccessories said...

We have them too !!!