Recycling Fashion

Recycling fashion is not a new idea. Even though last week H&M announced it will launch a clothing collecting recycling program worldwide. Starting in February 2013, customers at H&M will be able to hand in used garments from any brand in H&M stores in all 48 markets. The items will then be handled by H&M’s partner, I:Collect, a global recycling company. Any items of clothing from any brand and in any condition would be accepted and customers would receive a voucher for each bag. H&M said tons of textiles are thrown out every year, when as much as 95 percent of the clothes could be used again, or recycled into cleaning rags or insulation.
Patagonia recycling program which the company initiated in 2005. Patagonia partnered with eBay to create a new marketplace for sellers and customers to buy and sell their unwanted Patagonia clothing and gear. Patagonia recently launched a Common Threads Initiative, which encourages customers to buy fewer new products. Patagonia asked people to be part of the initiative and pledge to “buy only what I need (and will last), repair what breaks, reuse (share) what I no longer need and recycle everything else.” In exchange, the company agreed to “build useful things that last, to repair what breaks and recycle what comes to the end of its useful life.” The goal isto reduce excess consumption.
Green Eileen is also a recycled clothing initiative committed to reducing environmental impact and generating income to support programs that improve the lives of women and girls. By selling gently worn Eileen Fisher clothing, we extend the life of timeless garments and are able to support the non-profit programs in which we so strongly believe. We need to ensure that garments get back into the supply chain.


K said...

Yet another reason I love thrift stores! I donate my old clothes, and love searching for new treasures (including those from great brands).

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Another way to recycle absolutely.

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What wonderful initiatives!


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