Marc Jacobs Simple Answer

Sometimes a poignant question just receives a simple answer.  Top fashion designer Marc Jacobs replied to WWD executive editor Bridget Foley question while he was being interviewed at the Women's Wear Daily CEO Summit this week.
The question?
Why does fashion matter?
Here's what Jacobs had to say.
"Let’s see. It’s part of the art of living. Why does makeup matter? Why does fragrance matter? Why does fashion matter? Why does it matter to have beautiful furniture and nice interiors and books to read and good wine to drink and good food to eat?
These are all luxuries and it’s human nature to want them, to desire them, to enjoy them, enjoy looking at them, wearing them. I think it’s just human nature. We want things to please us and make us feel good and maybe attract other people to us or just make us feel good about ourselves."
Jacobs is the head designer of his own brand, along with Marc by Marc Jacob, which has upwards of 200 stores around the world.
He's also creative director of Louis Vuitton.

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