Meggings and Leggings

A 2013 men's fashion trend that fashion experts are predicting will leave little to the imagination: meggings (short for, yes, male leggings). Lenny Kravitz, Justin Bieber and Russell Brand have already rocked the look to the mainstream male, becoming "the latest must-have" for fashionable guys. Apparently more and more men are wearing leggings, especially in New York.
What do you think? Are meggings the follow-up to the skinny jeans?

 Leggings are still a big hit, no matter what designers and magazines say. I see women of all ages wearing leggings with skirts or just alone and leggings are perfect if done to perfection. You will love wearing leggings as pants, as long as you wear them the right way. They are the perfect style for apple-shapes because leggings and jeggings are stretchy. Although teenage girls know everything on earth about leggings, if you are an older woman (over 40 or 50), I am going to tell you how to wear leggings without looking absurd or embarrassing.
You may wear your leggings or jeggings with: · Long Tunics · Fun and flirty dresses – leggings as tights · Skirts · Big shirts that are long enough to fulfill requirements · Belted big shirts · Long, roomy sweaters
 When in doubt: Ask your daughter. She will tell you the truth. Consult your full-length mirror and ask yourself if you look like you just came from Walmart.
There is no age limit for wearing leggings or jeggings. If you do them right, jeggings will look like jeans. However, if you start laughing when you look in the mirror, change into something else.

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