Fashion Tips Your Mother Told You

Wear a girdle.  Now this was passed on from my Grandmother to my Mom, who tried to pass it on to me.  Well Granny was ahead of her time since 30 years later we now have what we call shapewear.

When in doubt wear black.  They didn't invent the LBD because your Mother was wrong.  Black is chic and slimming dressed up or casual.

Quality over quantity!  This goes without saying.  In today's disposable fashion world only spend on classic pieces.  Never spend bucks on trendy items.

 If is doesn’t look good on you, it’s not in fashion.  Fashion is what makes you happy.

Put some lipstick on.  No matter where you are going you will look and feel your best.

Last but certainly not least, where the right undergarments.  No outfit will look good with panty lines or the wrong color underwear.  Look in a full length mirror before you leave the house.

Did your Mother give you any fashion advice that you would like to share?  Please comment below.


Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

"Bra straps should not be seen!" Interesting, my mother has said this for years...and now it's a major trend. Even when mine peek out here and there, she casually tries to cover it up with my blouse. :-)

SohoAccessories said...

LOL How true. I forgot that one.