Coach Purses Win Case

Locals and tourists alike flock to Canal Street in New York City’s Chinatown, a major destination for finding fake designer brand handbags, wallets, and other accessories “Handbag, handbag? Miss?”  “Louis Vuitton? Coach? Gucci?”is what you hear.
But now Coach has won a counterfeiting case, being awarded $8 million dollars in damages.

Besides its definitive win in the case of Coach Inc. et al v. Celco Customs Services Co. and Shen Huei Feng Wang, Coach scored an important victory in the fight against counterfeiting by holding the customs brokerage firm (who filed fraudulent customs entry documents that allow these products to enter the United States) which acts as the middle man between importers and customs—accountable. Nancy Axilrod, vice president and deputy general counsel for Coach, called the case a landmark since “lawsuits against customs brokers are almost nonexistent.”  But this is where it should began, to rid the industry of fake purses and other designer the head of the snake.

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