Ideas to Break Out of Your Style Rut!

There are many ways to get out of your fashion rut.  Mostly everything in my closet is black so I am ready for some pointers.
Like many girls I think I am afraid of color...especially bright colors, so I started by choosing navy blue, burgundy and deep purple.  Not to far from black but yet a new colors for me.  It's a small step.
Dressing casual is my style, but adding a dazzling piece of trendy jewelry just makes me sparkle.  Pile on those bracelets. Don't overspend on trends as they don't stay in style as long as classic pieces.  Earrings and the trend of over sized rings are always fun, but don't play up more than two areas at a time.
To totally add style and some spice be daring and go for those shoes.  You know the ones I mean, the fabric ones that you think you will never wear but once or twice.  If you love them buy them, you'll see you will wear them to death!

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