Tattoos for Dogs

When I saw the new television show that is only for dogs, to keep them company when they are left alone I thought I saw it all.   DOGTV is cable’s first television network for dogs that is created exclusively for canines.
But then I ran across this:  What do you get for the pampered pup rolling in diamond-studded collars and designer outfits?
A tramp stamp, of course.

Spring and summer 2013 is all about the dog tattoo.”  Upper East Siders are hounding posh pet groomer Jorge Bendersky for his new temporary glitter-and-glue tattoos.The tattoos can last a month with care, or dissolve in a single bath.   The celebrity stylist who has preened pooches for Ralph Lauren and Sean (Diddy) Combs fetches $100 for each design.  Don't get caught in a rain storm !
At least they are not real tattoos.  Do you think that Fido likes his tat? 

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