Alexander Wang -Free for All

 Everyone was surprised when they were invited to a large warehouse for Alexander Wang's top secret event.  The American designer invited 100 of his fans.  More surprising they were greeted by a video message by the designer himself which was displayed over their heads.
"When the door opens you're going to have access to the T by Alexander Wang collection," says

the Chinese-American creator.  "There's stuff for girls, stuff for guys, some older stuff, some new stuff, some classics.  And by the way, everything is free."

Well as you can see from photo, not one of fashionista's finest moments (no we were not there).
Cue chaos as the crowd rushed for the clothes. The fans were invited to leave with whatever they could physically carry. 
He captured a mass free-giveaway on camera for his T by Alexander Wang Fall 2013 video.  Alexander Wang's new video shows off just what mad devotion his clothes inspire, although these fans didn't have to open their wallets.

After the event no clothing was left.

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