Fall Color Trends

What better way to spend a rainy Sunday then shopping.  Fall season is here so let the shopping began.  But first here are the colors for Fall 2013.
Women should feel free to mix and match these colors into their wardrobe this fall.
“Just as the leaves change in autumn, the consumer will enjoy the ability to change their ‘look’ and try a new approach to their wardrobe for brisk days ahead,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. 
Pantone says Emerald represents a more sophisticated and vivid green and should be paired with the more clean and classic Mykonos Blue or Linden Green. For more exotic and dynamic pairings, try Samba and Koi. Look for coats and sweaters colored Turbulence and Carafe, two unique take-offs on the traditional gray and brown. 

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