Something Borrowed from Bloomingdale's

Need that drop dead gorgeous party dress?  It’s a once in a life time affair (or at least a wedding) and you want to look fabulous.  You find the dress but it’s totally out of your price range.  What to do? Buy it of course, or do you think I can always wear it and return it.

Well those days are over if that is how you roll. Bloomingdale’s has now come up with a plan to avoid all the returns that actually cost us, the consumer billions of dollars.
Bloomingdale's now has three-inch plastic tags that attach to visible spots on a dress that cost $150 or more in an effort to crack down on return fraud.
Once tag is removed, the dress is non-returnable.   So no more borrowing dresses from Bloomie’s.
Knowingly bought a dress to return it?  Your thoughts.

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