6 Tips Mastering Mascara

Nothing does more for your eyes than mascara.  
 1.   Curl your lashes first.   Your lashes will look longer, and your eyes bigger.  Get close to the   roots as possible.  Make sure your curler is clean.  A dirty curler can actually break off your lashes.
 2.  Wear eyeliner.  Makes your lashes look fuller. 
 3.  Choose the right wand.  Skinny brushes get closest to the root of your lashes.  Fatter wands make your lashes look longer and spikier. 
4.  Work the roots.  Move the wand horizontally at first, then start to pull it up vertically to coat all the lashes.
5.  Wear waterproof mascara on the bottom lashes.  Stops the lower lashes from smudging.
6.  Choose color wisely.  If you have light hair use a soft color for a more natural look.  Black mascara can look to harsh.

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