Olympic Style

The 2014 Olympics are over.  The gals at SoHo Accessories want to congratulate all the athletes that took part in the games.
But on to the style of one host who made the Olympics fun and stylish, former Olympic skater, Johnny Weir.

This man takes fashion seriously and has so much joy in doing it.  Though he has worked with many stylists like Rachel Zoe, he said, " No one is going to style me better than me.  I know myself best."
He went to Sochi with 4 huge suitcases, the size of Ford Focuses.  He claims that he always over packs. 
Fashion at the Olympics are generally the ice skaters with their memorable costumes.  So it is not surprising that Johnny Weir has stood out whether on the ice or off.

Tara Lipinsky and Johnny won't say what they will be doing in Pyeongchang for it is to early to tell.
Hopefully, they will be back.

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