Melissa McCarthy's Fashion Line

When Mellissa McCarthy posed for Elle magazine, everyone was in a uproar because she wore a coat.  The coat by the way was of her choosing.

And we think she looks stunning.
Now it has been reported that there have been 5 fashion designers who would not dress her for the Oscars (she won't mention names).  So she got mad, and who can blame her, and decided to make her own dresses. And then she would make dresses for everyone.
Couturier Daniella Pearl and Melissa are going to work together on a ready-to-wear line that will  make sure McCarthy never has to go without a perfect dress again.
Unlike many celebrities that start their own fashion line (which I think fashion should be left to the fashion designers), she has a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology.
McCarthy and Pearl’s new line will be called Pearl. It will be a plus-size line that will hopefully provide more fashionable, on-trend, and comfortable options for plus-size customers.
Looking forward to the new line and wishing Melissa well.

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