How Do You Carry Your Purse?

Be it a tote or a handbag, a woman's bag holds a whole lot more than just stuff, as Kathlyn Hendricks a body language expert has revealed.  How you carry your purse says a great deal about your personality.
HAND HELD:  To hold larger bags in their hand like a briefcase, they are calling attention to the importance of their job. 
Worn in Crook of Elbow:  Another popular way to carry your handbag is in the crook of your arm,  according to Kathlyn, this may be a sign of showing "status and position". A woman who opts to hold her bag this way, may also be trying to show off her purse because it is a status symbol or features special detailing. 
Cross Body: Women who wear their shoulder bag close to their bodies are likely to be practical  and more concerned with function than appearance.  'It points to the wearer prioritizing her freedom of movement over the display elements,' Kathlyn explained. 
    Shoulder Purse:  Women who wear their bags over their shoulder but allow them to hang casually aren't concerned with the way their purse looks, but rather, they want to carry it in away that is practical and easy for them to access.    
Kathlyn Hendricks is a California-based body language expert and author of Conscious Loving After.
To us it is just a purse.  Okay maybe a status symbol also. lol

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