Lady Gaga "I'll Never be a Fashion Designer."

Could you love her any more?  Lady Gaga says she'll never be a fashion designer.
Brandon Maxwell who has dressed her from meat dress to her beautiful gowns is her longtime collaborator, who also dressed her as David Bowie at the Grammys (she was amazing !!!)
Right after the Grammys she flew to NYC to be with him at his fashion show.
Gaga said that she is so happy with Maxwell designing for her and other women.  She said that she has "real respect for fashion designers, and it is the reason I don't have my own line and I probably never will."

Yeah for Lady Gaga ! Personally I think you should give everything you have in the talent that you possess, which I believe she does.  Celebrities that think they can design clothes leave little to be desired.  They all produce fast fashion which is low cost and low quality.  Just my thoughts.
Stay with what you know, and Lady Gaga, you keep going.

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