5 Tips for Wallet Cleaning.

Spring cleaning !  Mind, body and spirit.  But the one item that is in dire need of some cleaning is my wallet.  I'm sure I am not alone, so here are some tips to help you purge all the little bits and pieces in your wallet.  Hey maybe it is time for a new one !

#1.  Never, ever carry your social security card in your wallet.  Anyone can open an account with your name and social security number.  Keep your card at home !
#2.  How about all those annoying receipts?  Throw out all those little bits from the coffee shop, supermarket, delis.  Refuse to even take them when handed to you.  Receipts from clothing stores and the like keep until you know that you are not returning your purchase.
#3.  Losers !! Lottery tickets, scrape of paper with phone numbers that you don't even remember whose number it is.  Get rid of it.
#4  Credit cards.  Only take the cards that you use.  Taking fewer cards in your wallet means less vulnerability if you lose your wallet. A good tip is to photocopy all of your cards front and back,  this way you are ready just in case.  Makes for life to be a little simpler.
#5.  Gift cards.  Keep those in your wallet and up front where you can see them.  Millions of dollars go unspent from people not using their cards. 

Well now you have more room for other things in your wallet....money!

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