Women of Fashion

In honor of Women's History Month I would like to highlight fashion icons and the trends they made famous.
These women had successful careers and also influenced the fashion world.

Audrey Hepburn- The little black dress. If you have never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's it's a must-  
 see.  The Givenchy gown, pearl necklace, large sunglasses and of course a cigarette holder makes her a fashion icon.

Diana Ross-Extravagant.  With her embellished gowns and big hair she is the most inspirational fashion icon of our time.  She is the original diva (in the good sense).  Her influence made Motown what it is today.

Elizabeth Taylor- Jewels.  She was glamour.  Her love of glitz and glam were her trademark, as were her jewels.

Grace Kelly-Feminine.  Classic, sophisticated and always impeccable.  On of the most influential fashion icons of her time.  Hermes' named one of their purse designs after the actress, the Kelly Bag.

Jackie Kennedy-Chic & Simple.  Famous for her love of Halston pillbox hats and Chanel suits, she was always stylish and chic.  Of course also her large tortoise sunglasses !

Katharine Hepburn- Menswear  She was a idolized actress for her generation. When she was off screen she favored sportswear. Her aversion to fashion made her all the more alluring.
Every season has new styles but the fashion icons showed keen fashion sense.

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